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President - Lori Piotrowski; 1st VP - Ruth Ann Schwarze; 2nd VP - Caroline Smith; Secretary - Phyllis Westrup; Treasurer -Priscilla Campbell; Northern Director -Diane Baranowski; and Nominating Chair - Martha Kimpel. Not pictured is Southern Director - Lynn Armanino.



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voters and worked on fund-raisers.  I became a Precinct Captain, then Co-Captain and joined the Washoe County Central Committee, then the State Central Committee.  I have been a Delegate to both the County and State Conventions since 2008.  I joined Washoe Republican Women where I became 1st VP, then Co-President and then President.  I have been WRW's representative on the Republican Women of Northern Nevada PAC for the last two years, and 12 of the 14 candidates that we contributed to in 2012 won!  I have worked for numerous candidates, and held Meet and Greets in my home, as well as other venues.  Along the way I also have met the most amazing group of women and made some wonderful friends.  Besides being involved in politics I am also a member of PEO, we are "Women helping women reach for the stars". Founded in 1869 our mission is to assist women with their education goals. We sponsor six International Scholarships and four-year Cottey College and have awarded scholarships totaling over $234 million!


After becoming a Washoe County Central Committee member, I was elected to the NV Central Committee as well as the Secretary of the Mount Rose Republican Women.  Enjoying the interaction and camaraderie of my fellow Republicans, I felt as enthralled as Odysseus sailors to the call of the Sirens and soon was a member of all of the Women’s clubs in Reno and Incline Village and even the Republican Men’s Club.  I later attended as a delegate both the Washoe and State Republican Conventions.  The greatest thrill was my attendance at the 2012 National Republican Convention in Tampa with my brother who was a delegate from Louisiana. My volunteer work lead me to be engaged in the planning for various fundraisers, such as the Washoe County Golf Tournaments and Washoe County Lincoln Day Events in Reno. My work quickly expanded to my becoming the NV Federation Republican Women’s Fund Raiser Chair.  Presently I am honored to serve as the 2nd VP for the NvFRW, which presents new and invigorating challenges for me.  When I’m not banging away at some Republican project, I indulge into the many gifts of my wonderful state, such as skiing, hiking, fishing, and exploring its rich historical past.  I share some of my volunteer time in various capacities for the Sierra Park Foundation and the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival and plays in Incline Village, NV.   


Federation. Currently I am the Caucus Chair for the Washoe County Central Committee and I served two years as the Secretary of the Washoe County Republican Party. I am active in both the county and state Republican Party and have worked for various Republican Candidates since 2006, most closely with Sharron Angle as her Office Manager in 2010. I have held various offices in the Nevada Republican Assembly and am currently their National Committeewoman. My passion is doubles tennis and I play at least 2 days a week -- weather permitting. I also like to read and my favorite TV show is NCIS and their spinoffs.


Accounting Management. I am a member of Active Republican Women and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet and be friends with so many talented, intelligent like-minded women. I have been married to my wonderful, Jeff, for 19 years and we have three spoiled four legged kids; Buster, Dixie and Molly.

current 2nd VP of NFRW, guided me through those years. Then I learned about how to ask anyone to come speak to our club when I was 1st VP of Sparks. I am a Washoe County Central Committee member and also a Nevada State Central Committee member. I have been a resident of Nevada for 10 years and I love this state and the high desert of Northern Nevada. My daughter teaches 3rd grade in Reno and I get to pick up my two grandkids every day from school. My 30-year-old son is in Counter Intel in the Army and will be stationed in South Korea this summer. Go Army! Life is good, and I am grateful to be working with so many dedicated Republican Women who truly love America and want to make sure that it remains that “shining city on the hill”. Because, “if not us, who? And if not now, when?” I love those words from you know who!

and corporations. She knows what it takes to start and run a business with hard work, skill and diplomacy. Twice elected president of Southern Hills Republican Women, Lynn draws on her past experience as president of a national professional networking organization and multiple past treasurer positions. Although politics is relatively new to her, she has wonderful resources in SHRW, NvFRW and a wide network of political friends from whom she has quickly learned a great deal. Currently working and self employed in her new home state, Lynn balances her time between her business environment, political involvement and her family. Her agenda is to support the best possible Republicans and help them get elected, make sure SHRW continues to enjoy its fine reputation and help make NvFRW a stronger organization. One of her favorite quotes is by Haley Barbour who said "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."

 Barbara Cegavske on her campaign. What an awesome experience, especially since she WON!!!


and vice chairs. She was one of 33 Nevada delegates to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis in September 2008 and said she’ll never forget the thrill of the last night of the convention with the Palin-McCain ticket on stage and the balloon and confetti drop. In 2014 Carol was appointed to the Nevada Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. 2009 she was NvFRW delegate to Biennial Convention in Orlando, FL; in 2011 a delegate to Biennial Convention in Kansas City, KS, and in 2013 she was delegate to Biennial
Convention in Louisville, KY to name just a few.  Besides her busy political involvement she still finds time for her favorite charities and her volunteer work has included American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, CYMBAL, Star Follies, Junior Achievement and St. Francis of Assisi.

​In 1997 Carol joined Incline Village/Crystal Bay Republican Women’s Club and was the Club President 2011 -2012 and 2015 during her final year as NvFRW President. She was 1st Vice President 2009 - 2010 and a longtime board member. In 2007 and 2009 Carol ran successfully for Secretary of the Nevada Republican Party and served under six different chairs 

Diane Baranowski - Northern District Director

Ruth Ann Schwarze - 1st Vice President, Programs

​l am an active member of Washoe Republican Women and am the past Northern Director for the Federation. Currently I am the Caucus Chair for the Washoe County Central Committee and I served two years as the Secretary of the Washoe County Republican Party. I am an active member of Washoe Republican Women and am the past Northern Director for the

during a heated Senate race; and serving as spokesperson to English and Spanish media outlets. She holds a Master's in Romance Languages, but only recently has she used it to teach Spanish and Portuguese at the College of Southern Nevada.  Lori began her career in publishing, moved into corporate communications, architectural photography and construction journalism, and finally into public relations for a software development company.  In September 2015, she published her first historical novel, Revolutionary Heart, focusing on the events leading up to the American Revolution.

Lynn Armanino - Southern District Director

Lori Piotrowski - NvFRW President

Hi, my name is Priscilla Campbell and I look forward to serving as your Nevada State Treasurer 2016-2017. I am a lifelong Republican, mainly because I value my freedom!!! I love my country and I have always considered myself so lucky to have been born in the good old USA. I became active in politics after I took early retirement in 2006.  My career was in 

  • President: Lori Piotrowski 702-286-5343
  • 1st Vice President: Ruth Ann Schwarze 775-828-2395
  • 2nd Vice President:  Caroline Smith 775-813-3326
  • Secretary: Phyllis Westrup 775-747-1238 hm; 714-396-3930 cell
  • Treasurer : Priscilla Campbell 702-656-1693 hm; 702-338-7302 cell
  • Northern Director: Diane Baranowski 775-225-0932
  • Southern Director: Lynn Armanino 702-248-1414 ofc; 707-738-5551 cell
  • Nominating Chair: Martha Kimpel 702-362-8050 hm; 702-592-1955 cell​
  • Immediate Past President: Carol Del Carlo 775-846-9909

Caroline Smith - 2nd Vice President, Membership

Lori Piotrowski has served two terms as President of Boulder City Republican Club clubs in Nevada.  In addition, she has volunteered as Communications Director for the Clark County Republican Party, initiating a biweekly newsletter to central committee members; writing press releases and managing national and international press communications 

I​’m Martha Kimpel, long time member of Active Republican women of Las Vegas. I am a two-term past president of this club and currently the Co-Chair 2nd V.P. as well as the Bylaws Chair. I also served twice as the NvFRW Bylaws Chair and happy to also be the newly elected NvFRW Nominating Chair! I was honored to work side by side with S.O.S.

Hello! I am Ruth Ann Schwarze and I am very proud to be the NvFRW 1st Vice-President for 2016-2018. I became involved in politics in Nevada when I realized that I needed to stop complaining and start doing. I volunteered at Washoe County HQ.  I stuffed envelopes, walked, talked, answered phones and womanned the front desk.  I registered 

From Tennessee, Lynn grew up in the conservative south. Taught Republican values by a Democrat mother she moved to Nevada in 2009 and promptly fell in love with the state and the grass roots involvement we enjoy here. Self-employed for over 30 years, she is an entrepreneur by nature. She has successfully owned both sole proprietorships

Phyllis Westrup - Secretary

Carol Del Carlo - Immediate Past President

​I am Diane Baranowski, the new Northern Director for NvFRW. I am so lucky to be following Phyllis Westrup in this position because I get to learn how to do this job from a real pro! I have spent a few years learning the ropes of local GOP politics from having been President of Sparks Republican Women for 2 years.​ Another great mentor of mine, Lynne Hartung, 

Martha Kimpel - Nominating Committee Chair

I moved to Nevada from Louisiana over 20 years ago and fell in love with every aspect of this wonderful state.  Being raised in a politically oriented family with strong family and conservative values, it wasn’t long before I dived into and was actively engaged in local and state political activities and races.

Priscilla Campbell - Treasurer

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