2010 – Lynne Hartung, President
May 14-15, 2010 – Spring BOD meeting – Dorothy Taylor & Joan Patrick, Chairs; Friday evening reception in President’s Suite; NFRW 1st VP Rae Chornenky in attendance; Open to members and guests.
2009 – Michele Turner, President
2008 – Michele Turner, President
2007 – Connie Fent, President
April 11, 2007 Spring BOD meeting– Marian Bond, Chair. Reception 7:00 to 10:PM John Asquaga’s Nugget open to all attendees.
2006 – Connie Fent, President
April 1, 2006 Spring BOD meeting – Sally Miller resigned as Regents Chair, Marian Bond appointed. Reported $8,880.54 in account. Fall BOD meeting 2006 – no record
2005 – Mary Ellen Cushard, President
April 8-9, 2005 Spring BOD meeting – Su reported at the Regents meeting held at her home following the EC meting. There are 61 Regents members, approximately $15,000 in account. Su reported the political advertizing expenses came in at $4,736.12, a bit under the $5,000 allocated. The EC approved the reimbursement policy for EC members – ½ for room, up to $150 for travel, and full registration fee. October 14-16, 2005 28th Biennial – Su reported $9,333 in account.
2004 – Mary Ellen Cushard, President
March 27, 2004 Spring BOD meeting – Su Kemper, Chairman, reported 43 Regents and 2 Re-Gents. A committee was created to establish criteria for reimbursement policy. Regent’s budget approved - $8,300. October 15-16, 2004 – Fall BOD meeting - Su Kemper asked for up to $5,000 Regent’s funding to support advertizing/publicity for 2004 elections. Approved. Joyce O’Brien Jo Marshall scholarship chair. A motion by Robin Reedy for a 5th scholarship of $500 for a ‘special circumstances’ student, with GPA not being sole criteria. Approved.
2003 – Lia Roberts, President – resigned following Spring Biennial; Connie Fent, Acting President rest of year
March 22, 2003 BOD meeting – Regents account $18,063.16. The Executive Committee approved $250 seed money to any new club upon approval of charter. A short Regents meeting was held during the social (8:00 to 10:00PM) Linda Lovelle Chair, Sherry Dilley Co-Chair...update on the scholarship. May 29-June 1, 2003 27th Biennial in Elko – Regents fund $19,364.50, but $3,000 still owed for scholarships. The Regents reception was held at the North East Nevada Museum in Elko, 7:00 to 9:00PM. October 17-18, 2003 Fall BOD – Linda Lovelle chair, Regents gathering held in the President’s Suite from 6:30Pm to?? 
2002 – Lia Roberts, President
April 20, 2002 Spring BOD meeting - Linda Lovelle Chairman. She reported 58 Regents and 7 Re-Gents. October 18-19, 2002 BOD meeting. Linda reported 70 Regents and 9 Re-Gents. Scholarship Chair Joan Dimmitt said two $500 scholarships will be added to the two $1,000 scholarships. The Regents budget was presented at the Regent’s social, with a $8,300 budget approved.
2001 – Su Kemper, President
April 28, 2001 BOD meeting Regent’s Chair Joan Dimmitt reported 42 Regents and 4 Re-Gents. She noted $250 is budgeted each year for Regent social events at BOD meetings. It was agreed to loan $3,200 from Regents to the General Operation Fund for a deposit for the Tahoe Queen at the Tahoe Biennial. This will be repaid upon receiving attendee fees. At the Regents meeting (party), criteria for the Jo Marshall Scholarship was voted on and the scholarship fund authorized. In June 2001, Joan mailed to the NvFRW clubs a letter/application/ requirements re: the scholarship. October 12-14, 2001 Fall 26th Biennial Convention Joan Dimmitt reported on the scholarship – 2 were awarded. She reported 51 Regents and 4 Re-Gents. A 1/2 –year rate was offered (July 1 to October) for $50.00.
2000 – Su Kemper, President
May 20, 2000 BOD meeting. Account - $18,003. Patsy resigned as Regents Chair. Regents reception held after EC meeting. A Regent’s Committee was formed with Mary Orrico, Chair; Joan Dimmitt, Ann Conway and Su Kemper (current NvFRW President). Discussion in Executive Committee in regards to reimbursement policy for guest speakers. November 19, 2000 BOD Mary Orrico reported 53 Regents and 5 Re-Gents. Mary announced she sent out postcards to members asking for renewals. The Regents party was held following the Friday meetings, open to all BOD meeting attendees. It was noted at the EC meeting, “there is $22,000 in the Regents account and we don’t know what the money is for.” It was suggested they be given an expense account to promote Regents. Three motions were made and approved:

  • Billing for renewal of Regents membership will occur every January 15;
  • Regents would loan, if necessary, a transfer of an unspecified amount of funds from the Regents account tot he General Operating Fund;
  • Regents will reimburse the representative of the Regents committee, one from the North and one from the South, for expenses incurred for luncheons and mileage to attend Unit Club meetings in order to promote the Regents program. (North – Ann Conway; South – Joan Dimmitt)

1999 – Helen Klatt, President thru May Biennial; Su Kemper elected at May Biennial
March 1999 BOD meeting – Regents account - $12,695. A side note...it was voted to change the NvFRW Biennial from being in the spring to be held in the fall, following the 1999 May biennial. The 25th NvFRW Biennial in May 1999 Gerry reported 74 Regents (78 on roster included in program) and 18 Re-Gents.   Account - $12,695. Gerry Leetch’s last meeting as Regents Chair. November 6, 1999 BOD meeting – Patsy Pumphry, Regents Chair. Regent’s account $19,267.
1998 – Helen Klatt, President
Spring BOD May 15, 1998 – Regent’s account @ $14,848.95. Gerry reported on the North & South Leadership workshops and two Campaign Advocacy programs (one in the North and one in the South). Financial aid was also given to those attending the NvFRW State Convention. An essay contest was established “What the Federation means to me” – for NvFRW members. The two winners to be awarded a trip to the NFRW 60th Biennial. Suggestion made to start planning “for the 2nd pre-convention party in 1999. October 16-17 Fall BOD meeting – The two winners of the essay contest were Nickie Diersen and Jane Henry. They reported having a wonderful experience and asked for continued support of the Regents to send two NvFRW members to future NFRW Conventions.
1997 – Patsy Pumphrey, President thru May Biennial; Helen Klatt, Elected President @ Biennial
At the March 1997 BOD meeting, Patsy recognized the 34 Regents present. $13,441.62 was reported in the Regents account. At the May 15-17, 1997 23rd Biennial Convention in Carson City, Gerry reported 91 Regents. A Regents Rules, Policies and Procedures document is included. A Regents Committee was formed per the document. Members included: Dottie Winans Miller, Doris Steiner, Janet Emprey, Alice Long, Mary Decker and Gerry Leetch. On June 1, 1997, President Helen Klatt asked by mail vote to amend the Regent’s Budget – to allow financial assistance to those Unit Club Presidents requesting it to attend the 1997 NFRW Convention – if their Club cannot afford to assist them – up to $200/person. At the November 9, 1997 BOD meeting, Gerry recognized the new Regents. The BOD approved $500 to assist those wishing to participate in the Legislative trip in May.
1996 – Patsy Pumphrey, President
At the March 2, 1996 BOD meeting, it was reported there were 70+ Regents (15 of the original 22 renewed), 10 Re-Gents. A reception was held following the meeting. Funds paid for Leadership Schools in Reno and Las Vegas; a Campaign Management School in Las Vegas; and, money will also continue to be used to fund special printing for the NvFRW, to increase attendance at the 23rd Biennial in Carson City, attendance at the NFRW Convention, and Regent’s Receptions at BOD meetings and Conventions. On April 26, 1996, Gerry Leetch sent a report to all Regents. The Report included the results of the survey, a summary of funded projects – including a statewide membership brochure that was unveiled at the NFRW convention by NvFRW President Patsy Pumphrey. It also reported 75 Regents and 12 Re-Gents. At the November 16, 1996 BOD meeting, Gerry reported 76 Regents, 9 Re-Gents and 1 Honorary Member. She also noted that $1,500 was spent for the blue brochures “Women Make It Happen” and other projects as previously noted.
1995 – Patsy Pumphrey, President
Nothing recorded at the March 4, 1995 BOD meeting. At the May 19-21, 1995 21st Biennial Convention, Shirley Moses requested to be relieved of her duties and Gerry Leetch was named Regent’s Chair. At the November 4, 1995 BOD meeting, Gerry reported 22 Regent renewals, and “Thanks to President Patsy Pumphrey and 2nd VP Marge Pacheco, we have a total of 56 Regents. President Patsy started the ‘Friends of Regents – Re-Gents.’” It was restated the Regents money was to go toward Campaign Management Schools, Leadership Training Schools, unit Club Officers’ Training Workshops and Speaker’s Bureau.
1994 – Paula Schlegelmilch, President
1993 – Paula Schlegelmilch, President
February 26, 1993 EC meeting @ BOD meeting – Suggested PEM funds be used to support attendance of Club Presidents at Board Meetings and Conventions. November 13, 1993 BOD meeting. Shirley announced 1 new member (Valerie Lewis) and total Regents 41 members. At this meeting, a motion (proposed by Shirley) was passed - The Treasurer is to set aside $600 from Regents for the purpose of giving merit awards of $100 each to six (6) clubs which request an award, based on financial need. Requests must be submitted by January 31 of each year. To be used for sending member, President, etc. educational purposes – BOD meetings, conventions, campaign managements schools, etc. The Executive Committee shall review the requests received and advise the NvFRW President of their recommendations.  If money not used for stated purpose, must be returned by Dec. 31. Shirley also reported that the funds are also going toward training programs in the North and South, with the money being spent “doing good educational projects.” Friday night’s Regent’s reception was held after the EC meeting in the President’s Suite. A survey was drawn up to be sent to members for input. (This is meeting special election voting Heidi 2nd VP to fill Paula’s term)
1992 – Dottie Winans Miller, President – resigned; Paula Schlegelmilch finished term
April 11, 1992 BOD – new members Edwina Prior, Mary Faught, Patsy Pumphrey and total 33 Regents. September 11, 1992 Dottie announced her resignation at the Executive Committee meeting – 2nd VP Paula agreed to complete term and members “toasted her with champagne”!
1991 – Dottie Winans Miller, President
Minutes of January25, 1991 BOD meeting contain no Regents information. At the April 26-28, 1991 21st Biennial Convention, Shirley named all of the NvFRW training schools Regents money has funded, and plans were being made for a Treasurer’s training school. The minutes indicate the Regents were now split into North and South Regents Directors; however, there is no indication in future minutes of there being a North and South Director until much later. Shirley Moses remains the Regents Chair. At the June 28, 1991 EC/BOD meeting, separate Regents and P.E.M accounts were created. Until this time, all NvFRW accounts were one. Executive Committee suggested a push for 50 Regents to help with finances to fund the training and campaign schools. At the November 2, 1991 BOD meeting, Shirley reported 28 members. Clarified what Regents (training workshops and campaign schools) and PEM (help clubs send members to NFRW schools or classes can’t afford to go to) funds are used for.
1990 – Doris Steiner, President
April 20, 1990 BOD meeting indicates the Regents now had 18 members, “with more to come.” Money from the program was to be used for President’s Seminars and Campaign Management Schools in Nevada. By the November 10, 1990 BOD meeting there were 20 members.
1989 – Doris Steiner, President
April 28, 1989 20th Biennial Convention in Fallon - Heidi (NFRW Regents Chair at that time), updated members in regards to the NvFRW and NFRW programs. Founders of the NvFRW program were Doris Steiner and Shirley Moses. Shirley Moses was the founding NvFRW Regents Chair. A cocktail party was held at the home Senator Dodge. The minutes of the October 20, 1989 BOD meeting indicate the Regents was a good way to raise money, “as fundraisers have fallen off and the NvFRW needs money.” Cost to join was $100/year and members were to receive pins and some special benefits. Money raised was to be used to educate NvFRW members. Shirley reported eight (8) members.
Founded 1989

The NvFRW Regents program was founded in 1989. According to the minutes of the November 1988 Executive Committee Meeting (held at Doris Steiner’s home), Heidi Smith gave an informal presentation in regards to a possible Regents program – to parallel the NFRW Regents program. She offered to study the possibilities.

history: Nvfrw Regents program

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