Founding of the NvFRW – September 1950, President Lucy Humphrey

In 1949 the Republican Women’s Club of Reno made plans to apply for a charter for a state Federation of Republican Women. This had to be acted upon at a national convention of the NFRW.   Nevada U.S. Senator George Malone was very helpful. Our application was accepted in 1950. Officers of the temporary group were Dorothy Brimacombe, President of the Las Vegas RW and Lucie Humphrey, President of the Republican Women of Reno.
In September 1950 the NvFRW was formed in Ely, Nevada.   The original name may not have been NvFRW. It is noted in later information the name was changed in 1954 to the NvFRW. Officers of the new Federation were President, Lucie Humphrey; Vice President, Dorothy Brimacombe; Treasurer, Connie Krup.
At the Ely meeting, a third club was formed and accepted into the Federation – the White Pine RW. Amy Stambaugh was their President. It is noted in RWR minutes that 19 members of that club attended the Ely meeting.

March 25-26 1969 – 10th Biennial Las Vegas Mint Hotel, President President Esther Kimmel elected
Hazel Gardella, was the outgoing President; Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson gave the welcome address; George Abbott, State Party Chair, spoke at lunch; the NFRW 3rd VP & Regional Director Mrs. John Salmon, spoke; Lunch $2.50; Banquet - $5.50
Officers elected: President, Esther Kimmel; Vice President, Nellie Rae Jones; Treasurer, Shirley Crumpler; Recording Secretary, Barbara Phillips; S. Director, Sylvia Laino; N. Director - ???
June 1969 – NFRW Training sessions (NFRW Safari Workshop), Reno and Las Vegas
This was a bus/flying cross country tour by 6 NFRW leaders: Reno – Hidden Valley June 3; Las Vegas – June 4 Tropicana. These training sessions were apparently very well attended. Both were well covered by the news media.
August 1969 - BOD meeting, Las Vegas Village Pub President Esther Kimmel 
Delegates elected to the NFRW Biennial Convention: Ester Kimmel, Beatrice Wheeler.  Alternates elected: Florida McDonald, Jane Ham. Mary Frazzini was named by the NFRW as one of 3 top Republican Women of Year. Others attending this NFRW convention were Hazel Gardella, Louise Gasho and Ann Marti. The NFRW Biennial was held in Honolulu – November 5-9, 1969
January 1970 – NFRW Western Regional (Hawaii??)

Attending: Ida O’Reilly, Jane Ham, Mavis Fisher, Esther Arnold, Nelly Custer, Virginia Daxter, Beatrice Wheeler, Mary Frazzini, Bonnie Horning, Esther Kimmel, Leona Wood, Florida McDonald
Spring 1970 – National Leadership Conference in Washington, DC
March 14,  1970 -  BOD meeting Silver Spur Carson City, President Esther Kimmel
Esther Kimmel paid $266.70 for a reporter to go to the National Leadership meeting in DC and film it. The LV club paid $27.50 for a copy of the film. (Voted to reimburse). The 2-1/2 hour film was shown at various entities. Clubs could purchase. These minutes also reminded members: ‘No NvFRW officer and Club officer can support a Republican in the Primary if there is a Republican opponent.”

President, Esther Kimmel; Vice President, Nellie Rae Jones; Treasurer, Shirley Crumpler; Recording Secretary,  Barbara Phillips; S. Director,  Sylvia Laino

Budget; Public Relations; Campaign Activities; Membership (Mary Frazzini); Educating Members (Mimi Rodden); Fundraising (Joyce Anderson); Bylaw Revisions; Protocol; Historian; Achievement
New Clubs:

Sparks, Lyon County (new Club??), Red Rock, Henderson
Names of attendees at the 3/14/70 meeting:

Esther Kimmel, Mimi Rodden, Leona Wood, Joan Brummet, Virginia Daykin, Mary Ann McKibben, Norma Joyce Scott, Val Dayton, Doris Johnson, Madlen Mendive, Evelyn Capurro, Hazel Gardella, Marian Howard, Bea Wheeler, Ruth Swanson, Mary Frazzini, Barbara Phillips, Lucille Davis, Louise Gasho, Margaret Riggens, Flo Triqueiro, Joyce Anderson, Jane Ham, Lucie Humphrey, Bonnie Horming, Pearl Phillips. Guests: Mary Johnson, Agnes Wallace, Ida O’Reilly, Eve Penrose, Elma Turner

Esther Kimmel was elected at the Spring 1969 Biennial and resigned just prior to the Spring 1970 meeting due to health reasons. On April 3, 1970 Ardys Peterson accepted the Presidency; however, her resignation was noted in a letter of June 5, 1970 – due to health concerns during her pregnancy. Other vacancies included: Vice President, Revisions Chair and Jewelry Chair positions. This letter also served as the Call to the 6/17/70 BOD meeting
June 17, 1970 - BOD meeting President Joyce Anderson elected to complete Kimmel’s term 
No President or 1st VP. (Nellie Rae Jones resigned due to health concerns). Hazel Gardella acted as President Pro-tem. Special elections were held: President – Joyce Anderson; 1st VP – Doris Johnson; 2nd VP – Evelyn Weikel
Notes of interest: There were 950 members statewide; It was suggested that ‘from now on’ all Presidents are to bring a typewritten reports to the meetings to be given to the President; $50 was allocated in the budget for luncheon decorations; Luncheon - $2.97. 
Minutes noted a motion “That each new club that is established, the BOD give the new president their pin, and it be done from this day on.”
Clubs as of June 1970:

Carson City RW; Crystal Bay-Incline Village RW; Douglas County RW; Humbolt County RW; Lahontan Federated RW; Lake Tahoe Nevada RW; Lyon County RW; Mineral County RW; NEL-SER RW (Searchlight); Paradise Valley RW; Red Rock RW; RW of Boulder City; RW Henderson; RW Las Vegas Federated; RW Reno; RW Sparks
Memos from Joyce Anderson (President): 

  • Noted that on September 11, 1970 the EC approved that transportation will be paid for EC members attending the BOD and Biennial conventions, if the funds are available. A mail vote by the BOD was asked for.
  • October 14, 1970 – Mail vote approved travel for EC; EC approved funds for Mary Frazzini, National Board member, to attend NFRW BOD meeting; S. Director Sylvia Laino resigned due to health concerns 

November 14-15, 1970 - BOD meeting Las Vegas Landmark, President Joyce Anderson
Friday evening – all BOD members and guests were invited to cocktails and dinner in Joyce Anderson’s room; the EC meeting followed at 8:30PM
Minutes of November 15:

Kay Morrison noted she was asked by NFRW to compile history of the NvFRW. She requested all clubs to send information to her; the Nominating Chair position is vacant due to a resignation – Betty Anderson was elected; Jane Ham was elected to fill the vacant S. Director Position; Standing Rules Committee established - Ann Martie & Betty Helgran; Budget Committee named – Joyce Crumpler, Ann Brummett, Doris Johnson; Fiscal year established as January thru December; Travel expenses of $25 was approved for EC members who traveled from out of the area to this meeting and the next; voted to hold 1971 Spring Biennial at Lake Tahoe, Doris Johnson, Chair. (Also noted Doris was elected to the Douglas County School Board);
There were 24 BOD members present; 718 statewide members; $2,441.33 in treasury; It was suggested the NvFRW ‘get out of the jewelry business and sell it to the clubs and ask clubs to do a fundraiser and give the profit to the NvFRW equal to $1.00 per Member
Interesting notes:

Lunch $2.25; 18 clubs; 1158 members statewide; new clubs this meeting – Lahontan; Truckee River RW; Active RW Las Vegas

Joyce Anderson, Doris Johnson, Barbara Phillips, Shirley Crumpler, Leona Wood, Bea Wheeler, Ann Martie, Katheryn Morrison, Jane Ham, Dee Artlip, Sue Winn, Hazel Gardella, Lucie Humphrey, Elma Turner, Florida McDonald, Mary Johnson, Mary Frazzini, Lucille Davis, Edith Emery, Louise Gasho
January 26, 1971 – Nominating Committee met in Tonopah. It was suggested the Clubs pay expenses for their Nominating Committee member.

March 26-27, 1971 - 11th Biennial Lake Tahoe Sahara Tahoe, President Joyce Anderson elected
Minutes: 79 delegates (31 BOD, 13 Presidents) 100+ attendees; Elected officers: President, Joyce Anderson; 1st VP, Doris Johnson; 2nd VP, Evelyn Weikel; Treasurer, Shirley Crumpler; Secretary, Barbara Phillips; N. Member-at-Large, Mary Frazzini; S. Member-at-Large, Jane Ham; Nominating, Nora Wilson; DCRW hosted a reception held Friday evening 7:00 to8:30PM
It was agreed to “get out of the jewelry business” and sell the jewelry to the clubs; the clubs were asked to each do a fundraiser and donate the equivalent of $1.00 per member to the Federation
Interesting Info: Registration $3.00; Lunch $3.75; Banquet $7.00; Coffee/rolls at breakfast - $.75 per person; Rooms – Single - $14.50/Double - $18.50; the Post Convention meeting was held at 10:00PM, following the banquet – two delegates to National were elected; asked for bids for 1973 Biennial – none received 718 members; Lahontan Valley and Churchill County RW joined as one – 90 members
June 3, 1971 - BOD meeting Las Vegas, President Joyce Anderson
“Procedure Books” handed out; Since there was not a quorum, it was voted to put the meeting into an Executive Committee session; After considerable discussion, a motion was passed “Hereafter, those that drink coffee will pay .50 per person.”;  Approved a bid by Sue Winn, Active RW LV to host the 1973 Biennial
Memo Joyce Anderson, June 14, 1971:

  • Four clubs sent $1.00 per member for fundraiser, “Recommended, but by no means mandatory.”
  • Standing Committee Chairs are to select Vice Chair from the opposite end of the state
  • Any official correspondence you might have, you must have a copy sent to the President – and you will hold the correspondence for one week for any comments and then send the letters to the BOD members. 

October 16, 1971 – Fall BOD meeting, President Joyce Anderson
This was held Saturday evening, following the Western States Republican Conference. The minutes noted a need to elect a Recording Secretary as Betty Phillips resigned due to health concerns. 
Spring 1973 - 12th NvFRW Biennial Convention, Reno Pioneer Inn, President Shirley Crumpler elected 
President NFRW spoke; Chair of convention organization – Val Dayton, LTRW; Shirley Crumpler elected President. 1st VP Doris Johnson served as Acting President while Shirley ran for Governor in the fall of 1774.
May 3-4, 1975 - 13th Biennial Elko, President Doris Johnson elected
Approximately 100 delegates attended; 12 of 15 clubs represented; 25th anniversary year of the NvFRW. A program was presented honoring past NvFRW Presidents: Lucy Humphrey, Dorothy Brimacombe, Isabele Truelove, Barbara Vucanovich, Grace Settelmeyer, Mary Frazzini, Hazel Gardella, Joyce Anderson.  
Officers elected: President, Doris Johnson; 1st VP, Jean Crooks; 2nd VP, Jacquie Compston; Secretary, Dorothy Pierson; Treasurer, Ellen Couch; N. Director, Elma Turner; S. Director, Peggy Witke

April 29, 30, 1977 - 14th Spring Biennial Hyatt Hotel, Incline Village, President Jean Crooks elected
Workshops included Campaign: Sue Wagner; Fundraising: Barbara Vucanovich. Friday night an informal dinner was held at the Ponderosa Ranch. Only info available is from a program of the event. NFRW President Pat Hutar, banquet speaker
NFRW meeting – September 14-16, 1978-

“Made an irrevocable trust to hold the names of members of clubs so that they may not be made available to other groups”
November 1978 - BOD meeting Jockey Club, LV, President Jean Crooks 
Minutes reported Florida McDonald was the first black Republican woman successfully elected to an office in Nevada, elected to Clark County School Board District E; the Finance committee was split into the Budget/Finance Committee and Fundraising Committee
February 1979 - BOD meeting Holiday Inn, Reno, President Jean Crooks
It was announced that “after 1980 the Republican National Committee will no longer financially support the NFRW after 1981, which means we will have to be self supporting. A bylaw change will more than likely be brought up at the NFRW Board meeting in March to charge from $.35 to $3.00. Nominated to run for officers at the April Biennial included: President, Jane Ham; 1st VP, Ione Minister; 2nd VP, Terry Johnson; Secretary, Beverley Drake; Treasurer, Ann Backus; N> Director, Kay Lee Nicholas; S. Director, Eleanor Mills; Nominating, Lynn Moore.
It was voted to budget $750 to assist delegates attending the NFRW convention. The Moapa club was reported as inactive.
At the Executive Committee meeting, President Jean Crooks suggested a bylaw change be drafted “The President elected at the convention in April not take over until the beginning of the following year so she may become acquainted with the office and select her new board. It was also suggested that our term run consecutively with the National President. Patsy Redmond will draw up a bylaw proposal to be presented to the EC later today.” (There is no further mention of this in the minutes of the meeting and no indication of action. No minutes of the April Biennial are available.)
April 27-29, 1979 - 15th Spring Biennial, Silverbird (??) Hotel, Las Vegas, President Mary Slocum elected
No minutes or program found. Info in February 1979 BOD meeting minutes indicate there was to be a Friday night champagne hoedown. NFRW President Betty Heitman was the banquet speaker. A $50 early registration fee was set and $1.50 drinks, with .50 going to the convention fund.
October 1979 - BOD meeting Harrah’s Reno, President Mary Slocum
Reported 1232 members; $4,630 in treasury. Frank Fahrenkopf (Nevada Central Committee Chair) and Linden Heck (New Exec. Director of the state party) spoke.


NOTE: The records of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women were donated to the University of Nevada, Reno Special Collections Department in 1995 by former NvFRW President Patsy Pumphrey. The collection consists of two cubic feet of records which date from 1969-1995. There are no restrictions on their use.
There is very little in regards to actual documentation from the founding of the NvFRW in 1950 through the 1970’s. The following is information compiled from materials found at the UNR archives; records given to me by various individuals, including Edna Henner’s collection (former NvFRW Historian, CCRW member and historian); brief histories compiled by individual clubs for both the NFRW in 1972 and the 1975 25th NvFRW anniversary celebration; and, records of the NvFRW in my possession dating from 1979 through 2009. All materials will be submitted to the UNR archives at the completion of this project. All compiled information will be posted on the NvFRW website  It will be updated/corrected as additional information becomes available.
Compiled in 2010 by Nancy Dallas, NvFRW

​1954 – The Ormsby County RW were requested to host the NvFRW Biennial June 12, 1955. During this convention the name of the State club was changed to NvFRW and Reno’s 2nd club came into the Federation, the Silver State Republican Women of Washoe County.
1961 – The 6th NvFRW Biennial Convention April 22, 1961 was hosted by the Ormsby County RW. The Young Republicans met the same day in Reno and the two groups met together in Reno at the Mapes Hotel for dinner.
1963 – The Ormsby County RW started serving lunches to Republican legislators, beginning as once a month events, becoming weekly events. Due to the lack of Republican legislators this became too expensive and ended in 1975.
1965 – The 8th NvFRW Spring Biennial Convention was held at Lake Tahoe.
1967 – The 9th NvFRW Spring Biennial Convention was held at Incline Village on May 19-21
1969 – The 10th spring Biennial was held at the Mint Hotel in LV. The Ormsby RW changed their name to Carson City RW – because the County and City were incorporated into one entity, to be known as Carson City County.
1971 – The 11th NvFRW Convention was held at the Sahara Hotel at Lake Tahoe; the NFRW Biennial was held in Washington, DC
1973 – The 12th NvFRW Biennial Convention was held May 18, 19 in Reno at the Pioneer Inn. A big fundraiser (The Fun Fair) was held at William Kelly’s Fleishman Estate at Lake Tahoe.
1975 – The 13th Spring Biennial was held in Elko, May 3-4.
1977 – The 14th Spring Biennial was held in Incline Village, at the Hyatt Hotel
1979 – The 15th Spring Biennial was held April 27-29 in Las Vegas at the Silverbird Hotel

​Boulder City RW, White Pine RW, Ormsby County RW, Federated RW of Greater Las Vegas; Las Vegas Council of Federated RW; RW of Lincoln County; RW Reno; Silver State RW of Washoe County; Sparks RW; Lyon County RW.

nvfrw History: 1950 - 1979


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