nvfrw History: 1980 - 1989

Executive Committee meeting at the Weatherstone Club House, Las Vegas; $7,491; Regents Chair Shirley Moses reported 8 members; N. fundraiser – December 2 to be tour of home of Count and Countess Dandini in Reno; S. fundraiser – following Saturday’s meeting an International Food Tasting Party – at 3 homes, plus a planned bus shopping trip to outlet malls in Barstow; To try and increase interest, discussion of holding regional meetings of clubs in particular areas in addition to regular BOD meetings; various bylaw amendments – in particular, a Direct Member cannot be a Chair, Delegate or vote; Dues raised from $1.50 to $2.50; Speakers included NFRW President Huda Jones; Steve Miller, the only Republican Las Vegas councilman; Randy Capurro, NvRCC Chair; Jim Uster, Clark County RCC Chair.

Pre-convention meeting 10:00AM, Friday – Discussed Dorothy Wright Memorial Fund being a separate fund; Special talk by Fallon NAS Commander Ray Alcorn (former Vietnam prisoner of war) at 11:00AM. Convention convened 2:00PM – Speakers Fallon Mayor, NFRW President Judy Hughes, NFRW Regents Chair Heidi Smith, NFRW Membership Chair Lynda Kjer; Announced addition of Outreach, Direct Membership and Regents projects, Nomination slate presented and Delegate-at-Large slate – first time all (delegates and alternates at large) applicants placed on one slate and ranked in order of votes; Western BBQ at Churchill County Museum in evening; 2nd session – Speakers – Senator Sue Wagner, USSR defector Alexandra Costa, Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich; workshops – Protocol by Edwina Pryor, Community Outreach by Janice Brooks, Public Speaking by Joy Hill; Nevada GOP Rural County Chair awarded Past President pins to 14 NvFRW club presidents; Carol Laxalt aprons presented to each club; 3rd session – convened at 2:00PM (I assume there was a morning tour of Fallon NAS) – Speakers: NFRW President Judy Cressanta, Acting State GOP Chair Joan Patrick, Assemblyman Mike McGinness; Doris Steiner elected President; 78 total delegates; Installation dinner – Heidi smith toastmistress, Speaker Chief Justice Cliff Young; NFRW President Judy Hughes installed officers.
Post convention meeting – Following committees added at request of NFRW – N. & S. Candidate Recruitment, State Free Enterprise, Leadership Training, NFRW Headquarters & gifts; Also, the following committees split into N & S – Campaign, Hospitality, Legislative, Minority Outreach, Public Relations; Reported a Campaign Management school was put on in Beatty by Joan Patrick and Doris Steiner with 20 attendees; Intend to have a traveling Leadership Training Workshop, with NFRW help re: suggestions, materials and speakers; Procedure outlined for bylaw amendment proposals, motion forms, expense vouchers; discussed 1993 NFRW convention in Las Vegas – Not asked, but told LV was the first choice and better to support than decline and be ‘subtly blackballed’; Dorothy Wright scholarship – pointed out that in 1985 a vote was taken to establish the P.E.M educational scholarship fund, motion passes to implement this already existing fund; NFRW will pay for field trips into states to set up new clubs, regional director will come at no cost to assist; Campaign Management School at Lake Tahoe in June.

Executive Committee – Doris Steiner, on behalf of the Audit Committee, presented extensive recommendations, with numerous suggestions for future policy sheets and standing rules for the Federation. Copies will be handed out at the Spring convention; discussed ambiguity in bylaws relating to the budgets being required to established for fiscal years or for a board’s term of office; The Executive Committee went on record as being “against bi-lingual education in the Nevada schools.”; Paula Schlegelmilch will research details regarding the presentation of funds to be contributed for the Dorothy Wright scholarship fund; Heidi Smith announced a special Regent’s function to be held on the Friday night of the convention in Fallon at the home of Senator Carl Dodge; a tour of Fallon NAS also planned; Following the EC meeting at the Ormsby House, Mary Faught hosted a steak dinner for the EC; speakers for the BOD meeting included; Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich, Judge Debra Agosti, Director of the martin Luther King, Jr shelter for the Homeless Dianne Johnson, Attorney General Brian McKay as moderator of a legislative panel of Senator Ann O’Connell, Senator Hal Smith, Assemblyman Joan Lambert and Assemblyman Gaylin Springs, Workshop on Parliamentary Procedure by Frances Test, Workshop on ‘Safety for Children’ by NvFRW Community Affairs Chair Judy Gatov and the Director of Nevada Child Seekers Patty Giles.

Executive committee met at the home of Doris Steiner. Continued discussion of budget concerns and the ‘complex’ problems of the ’87 audit committee; final ’87 convention financial & budget report was again requested; the EC committee voted to suspend any future aid to clubs to attend BOD meeting until the budget review is completed; NFRW 2nd VP Charlotte Mousel, NFRW Regents Chair Heidi Smith, Eleanor Mills, Grace Goodeagle, Shirley Moses discussed possible establishment of NvFRW Regent’s program. BOD meeting – Speakers included Charlotte Mousel, Nevada National Committeeman Tom Weisner, Nevada National Committeewoman Judy Cresanta, Nevada GOP Vice Chair Joan Patrick, NFRW Heritage Commission Chair Grace Goodeagle, Republic of National Hispanic Assembly of Nevada Chair Annette Ramos, NFRW Outreach Committee Chair Thelma Duggin, NFRW Regents Chair Heidi Smith and a workshop by NvFRW Legislative Advocate Lynda Daykin “The New Legislative Information Service”;
Indications CCRW and RWR were making arrangements to charter a bus to attend this meeting – leaving Friday, returning Sunday – with arrangements being made to house attendees in private homes in LV.


Serious discussions regarding budget and Federation expenditures, including “ellie” unsold, sold; Trunkline costs’; EC expenses; Raffle ticket printing costs; Professional printing costs. Recommendations in regards to keeping tabs on expenditure of state funds included:

Stressed the NvFRW Legislative program be limited to 2 vital issues – Postcard Voter’s Registration and Consolidation of Child Services.

No record of BOD meeting – only the Executive Committee meeting, Thursday, April 21 – prior to the Nevada State Republican Convention; $6,964; Discussion re: effort to retrieve minutes and treasury balance from the Central Nevada RW club; On Friday, 4/22 – “Roundup Cocktail Party” held in Bally’s Trailerland Park.


Executive Committee met at home of Mary Faught. Direct membership amendment will be presented at the November meeting; Announced – Central Nevada RW club folded – leftover funds turned over by the club to the county Central Committee; the Dorothy Wright Memorial Scholarship established, Joan Dimmitt Chair; Newest NFRW fundraiser – ‘Ellies’, $15; Speaker State Senator Sue Wagner; New Club – Incline Village Career RW; $5,862; During reports, Heidi Smith and Moya Lear discussed the National Regent’s Program and possible Nevada involvement; Luncheon - NFRW 50th Anniversary celebration – Lucy Humphrey recognized as founder and 1st President of NvFRW; Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich speaker; Mimi Rodden spoke for Chic Hecht; Nevada managers for Presidential candidates spoke – Edwina Pryor for Bush, Bryan McKay for Kemp, Barbara Curti for Dole; Joan Patrick moderated a “Forum of Fact” – panel comprised of Nevada women elected officials and candidates; After presentations by DCRW and LVRW, voted Lahontan RW to host 1989 Biennial in Fallon; Afternoon workshops – Joanna Longre, Opposition Research; Joan Patrick, How to Help a Candidate & How Not To; Lynda Daykin, The New Legislative Advocacy Program”.

Executive Committee meeting & dinner at home of Doris Steiner; status of all clubs discussed – reported two additional clubs being formed – Carson City and Incline Village; two clubs presented bids for 1989 biennial – DCRW, Virginia Henningson, Lahontan Valley – Shirley Walker, vote will be at February BOD meeting; Speakers – Sally McKinney, chair Nevada GOP; Jim Stone, Chair State Task Force; Hal Steiner, State GOP vice Chair; Congratulations announced to Eleanor, Mills, Joan Patrick, Lynda Kjer for formation of Legislative Advocacy Program; Lunch speaker – US Senator Chic Hecht; Volunteer of year – Mary Jane Chism, DCRW; Afternoon workshops – Club officer training, Doris Steiner; Campaign Strategy/Volunteer Hours, Eleanor Mills; Instant Parliamentarian ‘Know How’, Margo Espinosa; The New Advocacy Program, Paula Schlegelmilch; Membership Forum, Jan Haneline, Mary Jane Chism & Mary Faught. Should also be noted – Lynda Kjer is NFRW Membership Chair.

Pre-convention BOD meeting Friday 1:00Pm; Convention convened 2:00Pm Friday; $8,129; celebrated the biennial of the Constitution; Speakers – Tina Boohr, 30 year immigrant from Holland; Washoe County Commissioner Dianne Cornwall; Assemblywoman Joan Lambert; NFRW President Judy Hughes; Saturday morning workshops – Judy Hughes – Journalism, Linda Kjer – ‘Drawing a Crowd’, Frances Test – Parliamentary procedure, Linda Dayton – Legislation; Lunch – Edwina Pryor toastmistress, Pachyderm Players with Margo Espinosa; Senator Ann O’Connell speaker; Afternoon – Judy Hughes spoke re: Rule #19 and NFRW vote on RNC; Total voting delegates 122, 18 clubs – however, four did not show; Campaign Chair Joan Patrick stressed importance of volunteers to attend polling school and club mini-workshops; Installation banquet – Judy Hughes installation officer, Dottie Winans toastmistress; Post convention BOD meeting – Just as most past available records of all conventions show (1) Approval of appointed Committee Chairs, (2) appointment of a committee of 2 or 3 to review convention minutes, and (3) a request to submit all outstanding bills; Announcement of July 26 north fundraiser “Grand Old Flea Market”
Clubs: ARW, BCRW, CCRW, Central Nevada RW (11 members, did not attend), DCRW, Gabbs RW (10 members, did not attend), Lahontan RW, Lake Tahoe RW, Lander RW (10 members, did not attend), Lyon RW, Pahrump RW, Paradise RW, Career RW Washoe, Henderson RW, Iv-CB RW, LVRW, RWR, Sparks RW (14 members, did not attend).

Executive Committee at home of Mary Faught; $12,094; Mary Faught reported the NvFRW will create an Advocacy program “in half the time it took California”; Talk of new clubs in Elko Fernley, Dayton; Mabel Cushman of Fallon was named” NvFRW Volunteer of the Year”, all nominees will get certificates; Reviewed Legislative Advocacy manuals; discussed Rule 19 status regarding the request by NFRW President Judy Hughes to give NFRW vote on RNC – no action; Announced October campaign school in Reno; $200 to assist NvFRW Page to NFRW convention; selling pins for fundraiser “We the People.”
Archive records show a Republican Women’s Capital Career Club was formed January 23, 1987, (Beverly Willis, President) but no mention of recognition within NvFRW minutes; record of last meeting July 7, 1988 at Stanley’s Restaurant – noting they would suspend meetings until after the elections.


Executive Committee at Lynda Kjer’s home Friday evening; BOD at church – DCRW hosted the lunch; $12,878; Committee formed to formulate job description for a Legislative Advocate (NvFRW lobbyist), and to screen and select; Uniform policy adopted to be sent to all clubs in regards to non-partisan races “Any candidate speaking to a club in the NvFRW is to be a registered Republican.”; Defeated a motion to send a letter of support to give the NFRW President (Judy Hughes) a vote on the RNC; Speaker – Eleanor Howell, Legislative Advocate for the California FRW

Executive Committee meeting at home of Eleanor Mills, Saturday evening, Jan. 11; BOD meeting Sunday, Jan. 12; $9,918; Announced Republican Career Women of Washoe County club formed; Reported convention profit of $2114; Lunch speaker Washoe County commissioner Dianne Cornwall; Established guidelines and committee for “NvFRW volunteer of Year” – someone usually not in the limelight and not recognized, winner will be awarded registration fees, transportation and housing at Biennial, guidelines sent to clubs in November of even years; Approved $400 from PEM to assist members attending Campaign Management School in Sacramento; Members trip to the Nevada Test Sight on Monday; approved moving forward with Legislative Advocacy program.

Executive Committee meeting at home of Linda Kjer, Lake Tahoe; BOD meeting at Airport Plaza; $14,062; Formed a committee to name “NvFRW volunteer of the year” – to be awarded at next Biennial; Established P.E.M. fund – a memorial fund for deceased Republican women to be used for education. The Executive Committee is to determine annually how the money accrued is to be spent; Approved proposed bylaw change - “Voting members of BOD shall include the Nevada National Committeewoman and the Chairman and vice Chairman of the Nevada State Central Committee if they are members in good standing of a local Federated club.”; Executive Committee decisions over summer - $85 per club to send member to Campaign Management School in Phoenix; Fundraiser at Ken Kjer home August 18 netted $2393; Assemblywoman Joan Lambert luncheon speaker; Washoe looking at establishing a RW Club for career women; NvFRW has T-shirts for sale by clubs.

Pre-convention BOD mtng. 9:55AM, Friday. Convention – Convened 11:00AM Friday. Recessed 11:55 – speakers Bruce Woodbury, Clark County Commissioner, gave welcome, Edwina Pryor keynote for morning; Reconvened 9:00AM Saturday – speakers Nancy Bilyeau, NvGOP Vice Chair; NV National Committeewoman Eileen Schouweiler; Total voting delegates 106; 3rd session 2:30PM – A large number of bylaw changes were addressed, some passed some did not – but described only by sections/numbers; the RWR ‘Pachyderm Players’ performed again – to a song” Talk to the Animals’ – very well received; Recessed to the Installation Dinner – reconvened 7:45PM; Doris (Johnson?)Sheppard, a Past NvFRW President presided as MC; Pam Bengson, Assemblywoman, Idaho and Member-at Large to NFRW was the installation officer; past NvFRW presidents recognized; Post BOD meeting – Sunday, 8:30AM – Standing Committee Chairs approved; appointed 2 members to review pre and post convention minutes; reported that pre-convention raffle tickets sold at Clubs netter $1,745; approved souvenirs to take to NFRW biennial; presented bylaw change to be voted on at next BOD meeting – “Voting members of BOD shall include the Nevada National Committeewoman and the Chairman and vice Chairman of the Nevada State Central Committee if they are members in good standing of a local Federated club.”; announced fundraiser at Bob Weise Ranch in Washoe Valley; some discussion of possibly honoring a NvFRW volunteer of the year at the Biennial. Linda Kjer was elected a NFRW Member-at-Large.


Executive Committee meeting 9:00AM Friday; $11,810; voted that Standing Committees making up BOD be in compliance with Bylaws – Community Relations and Publicity became separate committees – creating 10 Standing Committees; for the President’s meetings – divided into two groups – 90+ member clubs (moderated by President Eleanor Mills) and 90- clubs (moderated by 1st VP Linda Kjer); BOD meeting – 10:15AM Friday – Approved the comping of lunch for legislators; Voted to increase National BOD travel from $250 to $350; Approved purchase of “Answer Phone System” for President; Clarified – if Chair is already an automatic delegate to NvFRW Biennial, the committee Vice Chair may become automatic delegate; Assembly Speaker Bill Bilyeau and Lt. Governor Bob Cashell speakers; Nominating Committee presented slate for officers, delegates-at-large (NFRW) and alternates (NFRW); the President’s meetings were held at the close of the BOD meeting.

Executive Committee meeting held at President Eleanor Mills’ home in the evening; Newly formed Central Nevada RW (Tonopah) recognized; 19 Clubs; 1460 members; $12,677; Reported Elko working to form club, Winnemucca possibly reactivating; 4 fundraisers in 1983 - $6,100 (NFRW Christmas card sales NvFRW share $570, Raffle contest $2,200, State cocktail party $2390,North fundraiser $587). S. fundraiser postponed because of elections; Suggested N. & S. fundraisers only be held in non-election years; suggested that at future BOD meetings time be set aside for  Presidents to get together and share ideas; also suggested mini-workshops be held at BOD meetings.
The following Standing Rules were adopted (all of which have since been incorporated into the NvFRW Bylaws, I think):


 Convened on Sunday, at 1:55PM. The State GOP meeting was held Saturday, 1/28; A Bylaw Chair was appointed; total members 1983 – 1,365; $8,011; New stationary introduced – designed by John Mayers; Trying to form clubs in Pioche and McDermitt, and possibly a Southeastern Nevada Club – to cover areas of low population; State Campaign Management School at Showboat, Las Vegas June 1-3; N. fundraiser – Bliss Mansion, Carson City, April 8 – “Tea Dance”; S. fundraiser in October – Chile contest; Committee elected to select candidates to attend the Campaign Management School.

Executive Committee met at President Eleanor Mills’ home Oct. 21, 7:30PM. Additional Board Chair appointments – Community Relations, MELP, Senior Citizens, New Founders; Announced a new “Volunteer Handbook” was now available; Senator Bob Ryan spoke; Voted to enter a bid to host the NFRW national convention 1989. Agreed to pay delegate expenses above what was budgeted for those who attended recent NFRW biennial

Pre-Convention BOD meeting – April 29, 10:15AM; Friday night party at Ponderosa Ranch, Incline Village; Convention convened at 11:00 AM; Patty Cafferata spoke for her mother Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich; AG Brian McKay spoke; 97 registered delegates, 38 alternates; Short skit presented at first session – Nevada Fashions “From the Beginning of Time”; Skit at lunch by RWR Pachyderm Players – “Women in Action”; 18 Clubs, 1220 members; $8,891; Post Convention meeting – Intro of new Board; 2 fundraisers scheduled – one in North, one in South, goal of $3,000; assistance to delegates to NFRW biennial increased from $250 to $350. Board Chair positions filled at this time – Corresponding Secretary, Historian, Chaplain, Protocol, Campaign Activities, Budget & Finance, Program, Membership, Public Relations, Legislative Advocacy, Youth Activity, Fund Raising, Hot line, Americanism, Regents.


Guest – GOP Chair Curtis Patrick; $8,613; Announced Clark County GOP – named 6 to hall of Fame (Terry Clawson, Joy Hill, Eleanor Mills, Joan Monroe (Patrick), Ace Robison, Peggy Wutke); Historian Betty Jo Boyd asked all clubs to send history to her; 18 Clubs; Elected officials at luncheon – US Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich, State Treasurer Patty Cafferata, Assemblywoman Jane Hamm, Linden Hecht Kettlewell and GOP Chair Curtis Patrick; Nominating Committee slate presented; Convention Chair Sonja Gaspar announced 1983 Biennial plans – Tour of Capitol and Legislature, hospitality room at hotel, Friday party & buffet at Brewery Arts Center; Banquet and installation (by NFRW President Betty Rendel) at Carson Nugget, Vucanovich and AG Brian McKay to be speakers.


Frank Fahrenkoff, speaker; $9,252; GOP and State Party officials spoke re: NV races and NV being targeted for help from National GOP in elections; 17 Clubs and 3 inactive clubs (Humbolt, Truckee Meadows, Lander); 1389 members; Lake Tahoe Nevada largest – 228 members; Announced 1983 Biennial will be in Carson City.

$6,240; New Club – Gabbs (1/19/820); Reports included Story County RW, Gabbs, BCRW; Noted Lander County RW had new President; Edwina Pryor gave Protocol report; N. Fundraising Chair Sonya Gaspar – Ben Fernandez at Governor’s Mansion; S. Fundraising Chair Joan Monroe – in Las Vegas (no details); B. Vucanovich running for Congress 1st time; Sue Wagner luncheon speaker; The March 1982 ‘Trunkline’ newsletter indicated Edwina Pryor compiled a very thorough document on Protocol. At the time, it was available through the Reno Republican headquarters.


BCRW club formed; Edwina Pryor spoke on Campaign Management schools; Fundraiser – Sonja Gaspar and Joan Monroe (Patrick) – Ben Fernandez to be speaker.


May 15, 1981 – Pre-Convention BOD meeting - $13,564 in treasury; Voted Executive Committee travel expenses be paid; No record of minutes or program of actual meeting; Post Convention meeting - Historian Betty Jo Boyd suggested this year’s scrapbook consist of a History of the Federation as a forward, followed by each individual club’s charter history and past two year’s information. Hazel Gardella volunteered to get a copy of previously researched material from the UNR archives. 


Pahrump now chartered; slate of NvFRW officers presented by Nominating Committee; Plans for the May Biennial announced by Chair Kathy McClintock – Harrah’s, Stateline, “Just the beginning...”, NFRW President Betty Rendel will do the installation, Bob List Keynote, Maureen Reagan invited to speak, Friday evening party held at home of Ken Kjer; $60 registration fee to cover all.
 June 14, 1980 – BOD Harrah’s Reno, President Mary Slocum

Carson City now state’s 2nd Republican County; New Clubs – Battle Mountain and Dayton; New Clubs being formed in Pahrump, Fernley and Elko; Same clubs reported – plus Sparks RW; 1,304 members in 1980.

January 27, 1980 – BOD Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, President Mary Slocum

$4,049 in treasury; Campaign Management schools announced – Feb 15,16,17 in LV and Feb 22, 23, 24 in Reno; Las Vegas Clubs hosted a buffet dinner for the BOD Saturday evening; Clubs reporting: ARWLV; Armagosa RW; CCRW; DCRW; Humbolt RW; Lahontan Federated RW; CB-IVRW, LyCRW; Paradise Valley RW; RWLV; RWR; Truckee Meadows RW; Edwina Pryor gave Protocol


NOTE: The records of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women were donated to the University of Nevada, Reno Special Collections Department in 1995 by former NvFRW President Patsy Pumphrey. The collection consists of two cubic feet of records which date from 1969-1995. There are no restrictions on their use.

There is very little in regards to actual documentation from the founding of the NvFRW in 1950 through the 1970’s. The following is information compiled from materials found at the UNR archives; records given to me by various individuals, including Edna Henner’s collection (former NvFRW Historian, CCRW member and historian); brief histories compiled by individual clubs for both the NFRW in 1972 and the 1975 25th NvFRW anniversary celebration; and, records of the NvFRW in my possession dating from 1979 through 2009. All materials will be submitted to the UNR archives at the completion of this project. All compiled information will be posted on the NvFRW website www.nvfrw.com It will be updated/corrected as additional information becomes available.
Compiled in 2010 by Nancy Dallas, CCRW/NvFRW Website Manager

April 28-30, 1989 – Biennial Convention, Convention Center, Fallon, President Doris Steiner elected

October 20-21, 1989 – BOD Marina Hotel, Las Vegas, President Doris Steiner

​February 19, 1983 – BOD Carson City, President Mary Slocum

​January 11-12. 1986 – BOD Mardi Gras Inn, Las Vegas, President Lynda Kjer McDowell

​November 8, 1981 – LV??, President Mary Slocum

March 1-2, 1985 – BOD Carson City Nugget, President Eleanor Mills

January 27-28, 1989 – BOD Ormsby House, Carson City, President Mary Faught

​May 15-16, 1981 – Biennial Convention Stateline, Harrah’s, President Mary Slocum re-elected

​October 18-19, 1985 – BOD Airport Plaza, Reno, President Lynda Kjer McDowell

  • ​Formation of small committee of EC members to check at least 6 months ahead in regards to BOD meeting sights – room and food costs, site copy expenses
  • Make effort to get (1) lowest air fares; (2)Use members copy machines and use both sides; (3) Curtail professional printing costs ($1,000 spent is 6 months!!)
  • Clubs use their monies t educate members re: the NvFRW, and in turn, NvFRW has to use it’s funds to educate members re: NFRW
  • Calculation taken of total donations from Clubs to offset NvFRW flagpole expenses (NvFRW made flagpole donation to MLK, Jr Shelter)
  • Clubs must consider their obligations to support Club President expenses to State BOD mtngs. State can help with smaller clubs
  • Treasurer Pat Hamman requested exclusive use of vouchers plus original bill receipts with details of all expenditures. No reimbursement checks will be issued until the above are received.
  • Pat was requested to send breakdown of EC expenses ($2,895) to all EC members upon completion.

​March 23-24, 1987 – BOD (Where??), President Lynda Kjer McDowell

​​May 1-3, 1987 – Biennial Bally’s Reno, President Mary Faught elected

​November 6-7, 1987 – BOD Holiday Inn on the strip, Las Vegas, President Mary Faught

​April 26-28, 1985 – Biennial Las Vegas Hilton, President Lynda Kjer McDowell elected

November 18-19, 1988 – BOD Hotel Ramada – St. Tropez, Las Vegas, President Mary Faught

​October 22, 1983 – BOD Sahara, Las Vegas, President Eleanor Mills

​August 22, 1982 – BOD (Where - LV??), President Mary Slocum

​February 7, 1982 – BOD El Dorado, Reno, President Mary Slocum

​April 21-22, 1988 – BOD Bally’s, Reno, President Mary Faught

Nevada Federation


​Republican women

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​February 21, 1981 – BOD at home of Sally Hanson, Las Vegas, President Mary Slocum

​January 29, 1984 (Sunday) – BOD Airport Plaza, Reno, President Eleanor Mills

July 31, 1988 – Executive Committee Mtng, Lake Tahoe home of Dottie Winans, President Mary Faught

April 29 – May 1, 1983 – Biennial Carson City, President Eleanor Mills elected

​November 7-8, 1986 – BOD Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Tahoe, President Lynda Kjer McDowell

​November 17-18, 1984 – BOD Palace Station, Las Vegas, President Eleanor Mills

​February 26-27, 1988 – BOD Peppermill, Reno, President Mary Faught

  • ​The state Treasurer shall send copies of her regular reports to the President, Secretary and Budget Chairman
  • Club Presidents are to send their newsletters to the Corresponding Secretary and Nominating Chair, and the Corresponding Secretary shall distribute a master calendar.
  • For conventions a budget must be submitted by the Convention Committee for the Board’s approval. The money would be advanced from the state treasury and returned to the Federation from the proceeds of the convention. The convention shall be self sustaining.
  • The President shall appoint Vice Chairmen for all standing committees and an assistant for each District Director on request.
  • A mid-year review of the Federation Budget shall be made.
  • Monies from disbanded clubs will be held in a separate account for a period of two years.
  • Removal of club membership may be instituted for non-payment of dues and service charges if still delinquent after 60 days from notification.
  • Duties of the Recording Secretary shall include responsibility of mailing copies of minutes to Board members within a month’s time following a meeting.
  • Each Club in the Federation shall pay per capita dues of $3.00 to the NFRW and the NFRW service charge as required.