1.      The member fills out the form.
2.      The member gives the completed form to the club President.
3.      The club President sends it to the P.E.M. Chairman no later than 30 days prior to the meeting with 

         a cover from the President. One copy is sufficient. E-mail is acceptable.
4.      The P.E.M. Chairman notifies the NvFRW Treasurer.
5.      The member will receive a check at the meeting the grant is providing for. 

PEM Application Form (in PDF File)

  • ​Birthday dollars collected at each board meeting and convention.
  • Clubs can collect birthday dollars at their meetings for P.E.M..
  • Memorial donations in honor of a member, friend, or family member.
  • A bequest in your will. 

Make checks payable to NvFRW (PEM) and mail them to the P.E.M. chairman with the info for the Memorial Notebook. I will record the donation and forward the check to the NvFRW treasurer.
It would be extremely helpful if all club presidents announced the existence of the fund periodically to their members. A small article in a club newsletter is also recommended.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.
Use the following steps to apply for a Political Education Memorial Fund Grant:

​​Applications are to be submitted using (Form 300) along with a cover letter in triplicate to the PEM Chairman. 
The money in this fund is derived from donations received from our members in any of the following ways:

  • Name of deceased person
  • Name and address of the family for notification
  • Name of club or person making the donation


We have a Memorial Notebook and each time a memorial donation ($25.00 or more) is received a new page is added to the book. The P.E.M. chairman sends a thank you note to the club or individual and an acknowledgement to the family of the deceased. When making a donation, be sure to include:​

The Nevada Federation Political Education Memorial Fund was established July 7, 1989 in memory of one of our members, Dorothy Wright. The money in this fund is used to help in the political education of our members by assisting them, if needed, to attend:

  • NvFRW Board Meetings
  • NvFRW Biennial Convention
  • NvFRW Leadership Training Classes
  • NvFRW Campaign School

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