​All clubs are encouraged to have a member of the Regents Committee to promote and keep NvFRW Regents visible within her club, to participate in recommending and supporting special projects and helping plan host events at BOD meetings. The work of this committee will be done primarily through conference calls and email.

Our Nevada program was started over 20 years ago and patterned after National FRW Regents. NFRW Regents provide operating capital to allow NFRW to maintain a low general membership rate, making membership affordable to women of all ages and economic backgrounds. NFRW Regents donate $1,000 annually to the NFRW. Capitol Regents donate $5,000 annually to the NFRW. We applaud and appreciate these women across our nation who help us continue the excellent work of our Federation.

Together Republican Women can and do make a huge impact on our political and governance process.

Please join our dedicated Nevada women with your Regent check to NvFRW!  Your generous $100 annual donation enables NvFRW to be involved, be relevant and visible throughout our state. We welcome you and appreciate your dedication to "Keeping Nevada RED"!

Click HERE to print Regents 2018 Membership Form

Boulder City RW

Bernice Delabarre

Anne (Howe) McNear

John McNear (Re-Gent)

Washoe Republican Women

Kim Bacchus

Carolyn Campobasso

​Kathy Cooper

​Mendy Elliott

Darlene Ruedy

​Diane Schebetta

Ruth Ann Schwarze

Karen Vonschimmelmann

​Bonnie Weber

​Phyllis Westrup

Laughlin RW

Elizabeth Hunter

​Carrie Larson

Incline Village/CB RW

​Carol Del Carlo

Patricia Morris

​June Shafer

​Linda Smith

Lorri Waldman

Republican Women of Las Vegas

Linda Gomez

Nevada Federation


​Republican women

The NvFRW Regents program insures that our Federation plays a significant part in electing Republicans. Our members have the enthusiasm, the energy and creative ideas for how to positively influence the election process and the governance of our state. Regents provide the funding to make great things happen!

When you join a local club, you become a member of a three tier organization. Fifteen dollars of your dues are forwarded to our state Treasurer. Five dollars is retained by our Nevada Federation. Ten dollars goes to National FRW. Your $5.00 per year supports the operations of our state organization.

Regents is the only ongoing fundraising project for our Nevada Federation. Your generous donation of $100 per year ensures that we have the means to further our mission to elect more Republicans at the local, state and national levels.

Regents make possible:

  • ​Leadership and education training for our members
  • Special projects approved by the current Regents membership
  • Outreach to our communities to increase Republican visibility
  • Expanding our programs to increase membership and develop new  clubs
  • Building a special fellowship among women who share the passion  for Regents

Sierra Nevada Republican Women

​Sally Wiley

Southern Hills Republican Women

​Lynn Armanino

Robert Banta (Re-Gent)

Sharon Banta

​Jennifer Barrier

​Rana Goodman

​Heather Stamer

Republican Women of Reno

​Barb Hawn

​Barbara Kirk

Spring Mountain RW

Mary Beganyi

​Marilyn Calvin

​Lynda Crossley

​Joan Dimmitt

​Judith Horvath

Karin Lemmon

Michele Rizza

Fernley RW

Carol Franich

Peggy Gray

​Lorrie Olson

​Anita Trone

NvFRW Regents

Mt Rose RW

​Pat Newman

Caroline Smith

​Victoria Kadenacy

Pahrump Valley RW

Mesquite RW

Richard Fox (Re-Gent)

Rose Fox

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North – Ruth Ann Schwarze 775-828-2395  renoruthann@aol.com
South – Karin Lemmon wiggyplace@aol.com

Douglas County RW

Virginia Starrett

Sparks Republican Women

Diane Baranawski

Malinda Campbell

Cher Daniels

Cathy Gustavason

Lynne Hartung

Lois Lefebvre

Carson City RW

Suzie Weissman


2017 Regents

Active RW Las Vegas
Bernadette Anthony

Stavros Anthony (Re-Gent)

Priscilla Campbell

Barbara Cegavske
Judy Kelly            

Kathryn Kelly        

Martha Kimpel      

Tina Larsen

​Eleanor Mills

​Lori Piotrowski

Lee Price

​Stephanie Reeder